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Your Ticket to Great Entertainment: 
Wally Wood from Witzend
Complete Collection

 Hall of Fame comics creator Wallace Wood's revolutionary, self-published Witzend (often spelled in all lower case) has always been hard to define — the birth of the pro-zine, underground, independent... Whatever you call it, Wood’s Witzend was a mid-'60s milestone event that represented all of the loftiest Fine Art goals of the Underground Movement including art-for-art’s-sake, freedom from censorship, and creator rights. The vast majority of the underground comix movement creators were directly inspired by the EC Comics and Mad work of Wallace Wood and Harvey Kurtzman (as well as psychedelics). Until R. Crumb’s later and eminently notable Zap Comix, no underground had the impact of witzend which combined top-flight comics pros like Wood, Frazetta, Steranko and Ditko side-by-side with up-and-coming Undergrounders like Art Spiegelman (Maus) and Vaughn Bode (Cheech Wizard). 

For the first time ever, this single volume collects all of Wood's own contributions to his groundbreaking publication including Animan, Sally Forth, The Rejects, Bucky Ruckus, Pipsqueek Papers, The Wizard King, Snorky, Lunar Tunes, and more.  All in glorious black and white like the original magazines but on quality art paper and hardbound to last a lifetime.

— Now taking ADVANCE ORDERS —

Expected release: August, 2024

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World's Best Comics Cover Artist

Save: $10.00 by ordering now
Werewolves, Jungle Lords, Vampires, Science-Fiction, Neanderthals, Horrors, Barbarians, Queen Kong, Space Adventures, Demons, Ghoul Queen and more!
Vanguard continues their trademark Definitive Reference series with Frazetta: World's Best Comics Cover Artist. While the prior book by illustration and cartooning historian J. David Spurlock catalogued, documented, and commented on all of Frazetta's book cover art, this new volume focuses on the artist's revolutionary comics magazine and graphic novel cover art, which originally appeared on such publications as Creepy magazine, Ghost Rider, Tales From the Crypt, High Times, Mad magazine, Heavy Metal, Vampirella, National Lampoon, Jaguar God, Famous Funnies, Epic Illustrated, Space Cowboy, Death Dealer and EC Comics' Weird Science-Fantasy

— More HORROR than any other Frazetta book! —

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Vanguard is accepting Orders now for a limited number of the Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos in both HC & SC.

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Frazetta Book Cover Art:
The Definitive Reference

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
168 pages

Slipcased Deluxe HC
The Slipcased Deluxe edition will feature a 16-page bonus folio comprised of vintage Frazetta frontispiece drawings which, often opened early books Frazetta painted covers for.
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
184 pages


Vanguard follows their award-winning hit Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta book by J. David Spurlock with definitive reference on Frazetta Book Cover Art.

Frazetta is the revolutionary fantasy artist of Conan, King Kong, Death Dealer, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lord of The Rings and more, whose original art sells for millions. This new Frazetta book follows the award-winning hit, Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta and is similar to Vanguard's earlier Frazetta Definitive Reference book.
But, it is superior in at least one regard. Instead of cataloging Frazetta items with mostly smaller illustrations, this new book is devoted solely to the artist's single, most beloved venue, Book Cover Art. By focusing on this specific area, the book boasts room enough to feature every single one of Frazetta's famous and highly collectable illustrated book covers, beautifully and authentically reproduced at a larger size on a page to itself. All are presented in chronological order which, gives readers a unique ability to follow Frazetta's evolution as an artist. Accompanying text includes commentary, original publication titles, publishers, dates, and rare quotes from the artist himself. For this Definitive Reference to feature the Complete Collection of Frazetta's decades of book cover illustrations, in a single beautifully produced volume, is a dream come true for Frazetta fans, art and book collectors and historians alike.

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The Original Graphic Novel

Size: 8" tall, 11" wide, 1"deep.
168 pages • $39.95

• Based on the book by Bram Stoker
• Introduction by famous Dracula actor, Sir Christopher Lee
• Editor with an essay/foreword by J. David Spurlock
• Original editor: Russ Jones (Creepy magazine founding editor)
• Cover by: Frank Frazetta
• Adaptation writer: Otto Binder (EC, Amazing Stories, I Robot, Adam Link, Creepy, co-creator of Supergirl)
• Illustrator: Al McWilliams (Star Trek, Twin Earths, Creepy).

"Forceful and imperative... a lurid but powerful visualization" 
New York Times

Dracula: The Original Graphic Novel
Available Now!

Dracula —both the legendary blood-thirsty vampire and his historic inspiration, Vlad The Impaler— has terrified and fascinated the world via a myriad of films and books ever since Bram Stoker's original 1897 novel. Tales of the vampiric Prince of Darkness have been adapted to every format including a number of graphic novels. But just as Stoker's 1897 novel ever holds its historic place, so too does the original Dracula graphic novel. The premier, 1966 graphic adaptation of Stoker's classic was edited and packaged as a paperback by legendary Creepy magazine founding editor, Russ "Unca' Creepy" Jones.

Creepy launched as a full-sized, uncensored black and white horror comics magazine in 1964. It ran, most-famously adorned with covers by Frank Frazetta, for near 300 issues over two decades, spawning a tsunami of imitators and competing horror magazine lines including from Marvel. From 2008-2019 Dark Horse released a complete library of Creepy Archives hardcovers which often made the New York Times bestseller list.

After leaving Creepy magazine, for the landmark Dracula graphic novel, Jones enlisted Supergirl co-creator/writer Otto Binder and Star Trek, Twin Earths and Creepy artist Alden McWilliams to adapt Stoker's novel. Legendary Dracula actor, Christopher Lee even provides an Introduction!

For Halloween 2021, Vanguard has enlarged, revised, and expanded, this historic but long-out-of print classic in a luxurious hardcover edition with a new historic essay by How To Draw Chiller Monsters author, J. David Spurlock, examples of historically related art by Neal Adams, Gene Colan and a new cover by the most celebrated Creepy artist of all, Frank Frazetta. The package makes a surprisingly tastefully terrifying addition to every library and horror fan's bookshelf.
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Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta
Commentary by J. David Spurlock, Frank Frazetta & Frank Frazetta Jr.

Discover, or return to, the world's greatest heroic fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta in this landmark art collection entitled, Fantastic Paintings of FrazettaThe New York Times said, "Frazetta helped define fantasy heroes like Conan, Tarzan and John Carter of Mars with signature images of strikingly fierce, hard-bodied heroes and bosomy, callipygian damsels" Frazetta took the sex and violence of the pulp fiction of his youth and added even more action, fantasy and potency, but rendered with a panache seldom seen outside of major works of Fine Art. Despite his fantastic subject matter, the quality of Frazetta’s work has not only drawn comparisons to the most brilliant of illustrators, Maxfield Parrish, Frederic Remington, Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth but, even to the most brilliant of fine artists including Rembrandt and Michelangelo and, major Frazetta works sell for millions of dollars, breaking numerous records.
This innovator’s work has not only inspired generations of artists, but also movies and directors including the Conan films, John Carter of Mars, the sensationally successful Lord of the Rings trilogy, Robert Rodriguez’ films including From Dusk Till Dawn, Ralph Bakshi films, the epic, award-winning Game of Thrones series, Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, Disney’s animated Tarzan films, Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and George Lucas’ Star Wars series. The Forbes magazine article Schwarzenegger's Sargent led with the line, "Which artist helped make Arnold governor? Frank Frazetta, the Rembrandt of barbarians."

J. David Spurlock started crafting this book by reviving the original million-selling 1970s mass market art book, Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta. But, he expanded and revised to include twice as many images and, presents them at a much larger coffee-table book size of 10.5 x 14.625”! The collection is brimming with both classic and previously unpublished works of the subjects Frazetta is best remembered for including barbarians, beasts, and buxom beauties. Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin said, “Though he bears only a passing resemblance to the Cimmerian as Robert E. Howard described him, Frazetta’s covers of the Conan paperback collections became the definitive picture of the character… still is.” Schwarzenegger said, “I have not been intimidated that often in my life. But when I looked at Frazetta’s paintings, I tell you, it was intimidating.” Game of Thrones, Conan and Aquaman film star Jason Momoa said, “I am a huge Frank Frazetta fan. Both of my parents are painters, so I'd known Frazetta's paintings, that's what I wanted to bring to life.” See the revolutionary art that helped inspire Schwarzenegger, Momoa, the Lord of the Rings films and Game of Thrones: FRAZETTA!

Vanguard presents
Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta ULTRA LIMITED DELUXE

The hit, award-winning Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta Deluxe edition, signed by authors J. David Spurlock and Frank Frazetta Jr., sold out very quickly and is now selling at collectors prices in the rare books market. The publisher's private stash of remaining copies of the Deluxe edition, signed by authors Spurlock and Frazetta Jr., complete with its original lightweight slipcase, are being inserted into a handsome ALL-NEW, unique, heavy slipcase enhanced with gold metallic ink and a gloss lamination, marked ULTRA LIMITED DELUXE.

These rare books —available only here at Vanguard— will be offered at market rates while they last.
Limited-time initial promotion: $200.

Note: The books and new ULTRA slipcase are generally in perfect condition. But, the nature of the included earlier lightweight slipcase makes that light/inner slipcase prone to minor indentations and/or creases so, on these ULTRA rare, out-of-print signed collectors' editions, all sales are as-is and final—no returns.
After we place all remaining DLX into the new ULTRA slipcases, and fill advance orders (around August 1, 2022), we expect to make any extra ULTRA slipcases (if any) available to collectors who already purchased the Deluxe edition.

Frazetta Reg HC
1st Print SOLD OUT Immediately

$39.95 Regular Hardcover - 120 pages.

Both are 10.5" x 14.6" inches

To clearly differentiate the new printing from the rare 1st edition, we have updated the background color on the covers from dark warm-grey (1st) to a blue-grey on the new.

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Frazetta Regular HC - 2nd printing


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Wally Wood Christmas Book
By Wallace Wood

A charming instant classic for all ages. For the first time ever, years of Hall of Fame creator Wally Wood’s never-published personal Christmas card art plus Wood’s rare Christmas cartoons and comicstrips collected into one precious, little quality book; a gem, sure to be prized by generations of
comics fans and the uninitiated alike. A classic!
6.5" x 8". 36 full color on heavy stock.
ISBN: 9781934331804
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Sensuous Frazetta Contents include:
• Paperbacks (Midwood)
• Men's Magazines (Gent, Dude, Cavalcade)
• Romance Comics with original color
• Movie Poster Art (focus on Sensual)
• Commentary by FRANK FRAZETTA

Available in 3 formats.
Deluxe Hardcover with Slipcase
and a 16 page bonus section,
Hardcover and Softcover.

The Sensuous Frazetta
By J. David Spurlock. Art by Frank Frazetta
As much as his famed monsters, beasts and barbarians; from Vampirella toWeird Science, to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Pellucidar and Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars; no one is better renowned for exquisite renderings ofexotic women than Frazetta — the World’s greatest Heroic Fantasy artist. But, until now, only the most ardent collectors achieved acquisition of the elusive grail items from the short period of Frazetta’s early-1960s Men’s magazine, and risqué paperback book, illustrations. Often selling for hundreds of dollars each, these rare publications bridged Frazetta’s exodus from traditional comics, to the advent of his now-legendary Conan, and Death Dealer paintings. Expanded, with a chapter of flirtatious Frazetta movie poster art and the most seductive romance comics ever — including the legendary Untamed Love, collected for the first time with its original, vintage color intact; Vanguard continues their official, authorized Vanguard Frazetta Classics line by presenting, the most complete collection ever, of rare, vintage, Sensuous Frazetta.
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The Sensuous Frazetta
Deluxe Hardcover, Slipcase

By J. David Spurlock. Art by Frank Frazetta
8" X 11". 192 full color pages.
16-pg Bonus Section (cover gallery)
ISBN: 1-934331-76-7
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Hardcover
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The Sensuous Frazetta

By J. David Spurlock. Art by Frank Frazetta
8" X 11". 176 full color pages.
ISBN: 1-934331-75-9
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Softcover
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The Sensuous Frazetta

By J. David Spurlock. Art by Frank Frazetta
8" X11". 176 full color pages.
ISBN: 1-934331-74-0